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The Tableau World Podcast

Apr 26, 2017

#openvisconf Day 2 didn't disappoint Emily recaps day2 which started off with an apology, had its fill of empathy, & entertainment. Two notable references from Day 2: Lisa Charlotte Ross's blog: Amy Cesal's Data Vis Style Guide...

Apr 25, 2017

Emily sets off on an OpenVis adventuring, recalling Day 1 of the OpenVis Conference hosted by @bocoup Some of the highlights from yesterday: Amelia McNamara's presentation Timeline resources from @mattbrehmer

Apr 24, 2017

Emily & Matt finally catch up & chat about @openvisconf, Tableau subscription pricing, 10.3 beta, & major squeals: Iron Viz in London! Em also shares her tiny tips from the week on cell size & show me to evaluate: Don't forget to follow Em @emily1852 as she tweets...

Apr 19, 2017

Alex & Em When Matt's away, Emily hijacks the podcast to interview her son Alex. They go through his thought process for selecting a chart for his science fair project. Check out the video that accompanies the audio.