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Sep 15, 2016

On this specially extended episode, we talk with someone who has one of the coolest job titles ever; Alberto Cairo, Knight Chair of the University of Miami School of Journalism. We had a great conversation prompted by Zen Master Rody Zakovich @RodyZakovich ( on about the line between infographics and data visualisation. There was just so much good content we decided to exetend the episode rather than split it up. Albertos superb blog is here His new book The Truthful Art is here Links Steven pinker. Sense of style Visual loop - need to navigate thru find the gems NYT WP National geographic Wsj Pew research center ( Tampa bay times-Speeding cops Prepublica NICAR Malofiej in Spain Tapestry Openvis The ghost map Randy Olsen wrote a critique of the vaccine viz Mike Bostic? NYT graphics Senate 2014 Steal like an artist recommend. Biggest piece of advice. Choose a role model & copy their style and then you'll develop your style.