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Jan 16, 2015

Welcome back listeners, hope you had a good holiday. On this week's podcast we look back over our highlights of 2014 and we look forward and talk about what we want to see happen to Tableau and dataviz in 2015. We discuss the maxims and sins that were recently published by Dan Murray and Drew Skau as well as discuss rule on axes starting at zero (based on a conversation that Jon Schwabish and Cole Nussbaumer had). And we touch on the goodness that is Tableau V9 Beta. Links Dan Murray's 10 Tableau Maxims Drew Skau's 7 Cardinal Sins of Chartmaking Cole Nussbaumer and Jon Schwabish discuss the non zero axis issue Joshua Milligan's LOD Calculation Craig's LOD video We'd love to hear from you, what are your wishes for 2015, what do you think about the non-zero axis debate? Let us know!! Email : Tweet us : Facebook :