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The Tableau World Podcast

Mar 18, 2015

Jewel Loree stopped by to chat viz with us and we picked up some insight from the pop vizard herself. We chatted about two recent viz of the days by Gina Bremer at Payscale and Sarah Stone of the Texas Rangers. Links : PayScale ROI Texas Rangers?!/vizhome/2014GlobeLifeParkinArlingtonFoulBalls/RangersGames Steve Wexler Hans Roslin Ted Talk Ched Skelton Tapestry Talk: Golden Idols : Tableau Sub Redit We love social media and we love you. So, let us know what you want to hear more of, less of, or specific topics you want us to discuss. We promise Emily will be super excited about it and Matt will have a dramatic sigh. Email : Tweet us : Facebook : Good Day and good viz Emily & Matt