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Jun 27, 2018

TCE Preview In this community conversation, we talk about TC Europe! Guests Emma Whyte, Ali Motion, and Mark Bradbourne share their conference thoughts. We review some tips for preparing for conference, how conference veterans provide their thoughts on how they approach conference, and sessions to look forward to. Ali is a conference first-timer, which made Emily’s super-excited level go through the roof. We’ll check back in with Ali after the conference! Don’t miss Emma Whyte’s session: Transforming and Visualising Survey Data with Tableau Prep and Tableau at 16:45 on Wednesday. Tableau also took care of the Americans and others who aren’t able to attend TC Europe. Keynotes, and selected sessions are available for livestreaming! No #TCFOMO  _____________________________ Get hyped! TCC APAC speaker applications close on 1 July. Apply at and share your message!